Ashton Kutcher victim of burglary hoax

Los Angeles: Actor Ashton Kutcher`s home here was targeted in a burglary prank and police rushed after receiving a call from a woman, who claimed she was the victim of a violent home invasion robbery.

The alleged victim called 911 on Wednesday and said she had locked herself inside one of the bathrooms after three gun shots were fired and that "people were either injured or dead".

Three men were detained when the police arrived on the scene, but it is now being reported the suspects were workers who were renovating the property under Kutcher`s authorisation, reports

There was no sign of the supposed victim and the authorities are aggressively looking for a culprit after ruling it a case of swatting, where someone falsely reports a serious crime.

"Right now, I believe it is all clear and checked. Public safety is no longer an issue there," a police spokesman said.

Kutcher, who is currently dating Mila Kunis, was not at home at the time of the incident, but rushed home immediately.

He bought the $3.6 million mansion following his split from Demi Moore in March.

Singer-actress Miley Cyrus was the subject of a similar prank in August, when police found no sign of trouble upon arriving at her house.