Astro: ‘The show has begun’

Sundeep Koachar

The daddy of all planets, Jupiter, will be moving today at 9:15 am IST, to the next ‘uncomfortable’ sign, Taurus for one year. Moreover it will be in conjunction with its enemy Venus in retrogression, creating more confusion in the market. The axis of Rahu-Ketu on Jupiter & Sun, in their debilitation signs, will make things worse for the world economy & global peace.

(I had predicted earlier about the media-sting in the IPL, even before the start of the IPL-5 :) ).

The last time when Jupiter & Rahu had met, in the month of Dec 2008 to Nov 2009; there was a global recession. So expect the unexpected! Saturn too has left its exaltation seat yesterday and has moved back to Virgo, creating more delays & dilemmas till 25th June.

The most significant planetary position in the zodiac will be on 21st May, when 7 out of 9 planets would be aligned in an axis; on a new moon night and causing a solar eclipse during the day time. From new moon to full moon, on 4th June it will be a lunar eclipse; the earth would be under the influence of extraordinary gravitational pull & push, causing some natural calamities, coups, infighting and power shift within the government and lot of misunderstanding between the countries. Fall in the currencies, uncontrollable inflation, crazy share market & loads of anxiety would be felt during those15 days; between the two eclipses.

I am writing all this, not to create any fear, but to make everyone aware; so that one can take precaution in investing money, redo one`s financial planning and maintaining peace of mind for a happy future!

As they say... Nothing is permanent in life, but change! So change would definitely come in the next few months and we shall overcome all the adversaries, after witnessing this complex planetary show!

Good Luck & God Bless !!!

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