Aussies want more sex: Survey

Melbourne: It seems all Australians want is more sex. Be it male or female, young or old, single, married or divorced, there is one thing everyone has in common: the desire for more action between the sheets.

And not just that, they want it to be more interesting.

Almost 7000 people completed an online sex survey over the past week and more sex was a common theme, reports the Courier Mail.

The survey found that 39.2 per cent of men want more sex, with 53.3 also hoping it will be more interesting.

A greater number of women, 43.3 per cent, are after more sex, and 44.4 per cent would like their love life to be more interesting.

The survey also revealed that divorced men in their 40s were the most likely to have visited sex workers, with 56.4 per cent saying they had visited a prostitute while they were single and only 35.9 per cent saying they had never paid for sex.

This compared to 64.6 per cent of married men of the same age and 97.3 per cent of women in their 40s saying they had never visited a sex worker.


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