Author wants to look like Shakespeare

Beijing: A best-selling author in China has come under attack after unveiling plans to splurge 1 million yuan on plastic surgery to look like British playwright William Shakespeare.

According to China National Radio, Zhang Yiyi will undergo 10 face-lifts in 10 months to look like Shakespeare so as to ‘let the people across the world mourn’ one of world’s greatest writers and dramatists, reported Shanghai Daily.

The surgeries won``t be too difficult as Zhang has a sculpted face with a sharp nose and deep eyes that bear some resemblance to Shakespeare.

Chief surgeon Zheng Churong said the procedure would require work on the eyes, chin and other parts of his face.

Zhang made the decision to go ahead with his plan after learning of the risks involved. The surgeries will cost 1.2 million yuan, which was royalties he earned for his new book that he spent the last four years writing.

"Life is a process of striving to become a better person. I think the surgeries are worth the money," Zhang said.