‘Avatar’ fan wants a girlfriend who speaks Na`vi language!

Updated: Apr 26, 2010, 20:10 PM IST

London: An American man has become such an ardent fan of sci-fi movie ``Avatar`` that he dresses like one of the big, blue aliens and speaks the Na``vi language.

Richard Littauer, a.k.a. Taronyu, a linguistics student, has even compiled a dictionary to help others learn the lingo, and he wants to start his own tribe here on Earth, along with a like-minded girlfriend.

"As soon as I saw the trailer for Avatar, I knew this film was going to take over my life," the Sun quoted Littauer, from Edinburgh, as saying.
"I``ve spent a few hundred pounds at the cinema. I must have seen it 17 times, but I also pay for other people to see it because I want to spread the word.
"I study linguistics and when I saw they``d invented a new language for the film I was really, really excited.
"I was impressed by the fact they didn``t just use existing human languages.
"Star Wars was just lazy and has Ewoks saying things like ``Please can I have a cheeseburger?`` in Tibetan and other things that don``t correlate to the events on-screen.
"With Avatar they have created a new language totally from scratch," he said.
His ultimate aim is to join a blue race tribe on Earth, and find a fellow Avatar fanatic to rub tails with.
"Strangely, I haven``t got a girlfriend at the moment. It``s hard to find someone 14ft and blue - that would be perfect for me," he said.
"But if I could find a girl who speaks the language and lives in my area that would be a dream.
"Hopefully one day I can meet one - that would be some wedding. There are also people I know who want to start a proper tribe living in the Amazon or something.

"I plan to get a few people together to go over to Cramond Island on the Firth and we``ll spend the night there and sing songs," he added.