Avenge yourself on selfish air passengers with top 10 ‘evil ideas’!

Melbourne: The stress of flying, specially with reclined seats and uncompromising passengers, has made many Australians twisted with revenge, and that initiated a survey, which now has come up with top 10 methods to cope up with midair stresses.

According to the survey, Farting is the best way to treat uncouth fellow passengers.

“I let off an evil smelling fart in their face as I exit the row and say, ``Excuse me please, I need to get to the toilet fast``,” News.com.au quoted a passanger Valerie Woodruffe, from Mullaloo, as saying.

While some are of the opinion that clips that will hold on to the seat may be useful to tackle the menace of reclining seats, some believed that games like ‘let``s make the plane crash’ helps one reduce the fear factor.

Many people used the trick of spilling drinks on their fellow travellers to amuse themselves but a very cunning way to make your front-row flier mind her reclined seat is to pull it in front time and again, pretending it to be your handhold and a leverage to stand up.

Some out-of-the-track ideas can be either to use broadsheet newspapers, which obviously would fall over the reclined seat in front causing annoyance for the passenger, or to cough and spray mist on snoring passengers.

Another way to make the passenger in front sit straight is to kick or punch the back of his/her seat.

The last evil idea that came up in the survey was to keep children in front sleep-deprived that will in the process give a tough time to their parents as well.


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