Average Brit adults spend 36 minutes a day worrying

London: A new study has revealed that the average Briton spends 36 minutes every day worrying, which equates to nine whole days every year – or a year and a half during a lifetime.

The high cost of living, feeling ‘stuck in a rut’ and body weights are the most common causes for concern, the survey of 2,000 people aged between 18 and 65 found.

However, weight-gain is more of a concern than debt, health or job security, according the survey.

Four in ten are stressed about debt, a quarter are concerned they are ‘not living life to the full’ and one in five is troubled about family members falling ill.

One in ten said they felt stressed for more than two hours a day, while one in two worry so much it has affected their health.

“People are wasting far too much time stressing about things,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman from the Everyman Campaign, which carried out the study, as saying.

A massive 86 per cent of those surveyed said women worry more than men. One in five is bothered about house prices and the risk of cancer, and one in six is worried about pensions and heavy workloads.

Other issues to make the list included ageing parents, being judged by others and ticking biological clocks.


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