Average Briton frets about something 7 times a day

London: The average Briton frets about something seven times a day, for at least eight minutes on each occasion, according to a new survey.

And the biggest fears are over putting on weight, the cost of living and falling ill, along with not being able to afford to eat and forgetting to lock the house.

The research, carried out by energy supplier npower, also found that Britons’ more obscure worries include having a big bottom, managing to keep the house clean and going grey.

The results of the survey of 3,000 people suggest that each Brit worries for the equivalent of just under an hour a day – which adds up to 2.3 years over the average adult lifetime of 60.5 years.

“We are more worried about things like getting wrinkles and keeping the house clean than how happy our children are or whether we’ve gone into our overdraft. It’s important to not let worries get in the way of enjoying life,” the Daily Mail quoted a spokesman for npower as saying.


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