Average men groom themselves for 18 mins in front of mirror to look like Becks

London: A new survey has revealed that the average British man spends a whopping 18 minutes making himself look presentable in the morning.

It means in a lifetime they will spend 5,105 minutes in front of a mirror perfecting their look, the Daily Express reported.

The study by shopping channel QVC also claimed metrosexual men who take pride in their appearance are on the rise.

Of the 1,012 men surveyed, 54 per cent said they make the effort to please their partners while a quarter admitted they compete with male friends to see who looks more immaculate.

However 38 per cent said they know little about how to groom themselves and even more said they would too be embarrassed to ask for tips.

The study, conducted to mark the launch of ‘Torchwood’ star John Barrowman’s grooming products range HIM, said that David Beckham, Daniel Craig and Colin Firth were the men most aspired to look like.


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