Avoid money talks in friendly discussions

London: While money is considered to be the thing that keeps the world go round, still it`s mention be best avoided especially while holding friendly talks.

According to a study, money is the top conversation killer for millions of us who say it is the subject we feel least cherished to discuss with our friends or colleagues, Daily Mail reported.

Almost two-thirds of us are reluctant to share details of our finances, salary and pensions with people we know.

According to the research by Scottish Widows, a British financial services company, we are also keen to keep mum about our weight, our relationships and our health.

Asked why finance is such a secretive subject, three quarters of those questioned said it was simply a topic that should not be discussed with friends and work colleagues.

And just over one in ten say their other half wouldn`t like them to talk about their financial situation with their friends.

Catherine Stewart, savings expert at Scottish Widows, said: "We are a nation who simply do not want to discuss our money worries, and much of our personal lives are off limits, even to our nearest and dearest."

"It is a very British trait to avoid discussing personal and taboo subjects such as money. But it`s important that when it comes to your health, wealth and happiness, you always seek advice from the right source."

The research found that the subjects people were likely to seek advice on included how to get fit, raise children and choose a place to live.

When it comes to the gender divide, men are more open with their friends than women as they are more comfortable talking about their salary and relationship status.

Women, on the other side, prefer confiding in their family about every other aspect of their lives compared to their male counterparts except where they live and their salary.



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