Awesome hacks to tackle mood swings during your periods!

How to smile even when cramps hit you hard!   

Awesome hacks to tackle mood swings during your periods!
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Mumbai: Some women find it really hard to keep off their cramps during menstruation. With physical pain comes miscellaneous problems, one of them being mood swings before and during the menstrual cycle. 

The ‘devil’ (yes it is for some) can come in at a time when you could be writing an important news article or preparing for an entrance test or attending someone’s funeral or even dealing with your unhappy relationship.

At such times it is important you maintain your calmness and gracefully deal with your mood swings. Here are a few simple hacks you could use!

-Give people a hint that the storm is about to arrive: That way people around you can be more sensitive and cautioned before they say or act.  People will understand the reason behind this irregular behaviour and tensions, conflicts can be avoided.

-Keep yourself busy: Divert yourself from the pain.  Call your friends over, have a good gossip session or just flip through old photos. You can even give a call to the best therapist, your mom! This way in the company of others your mind will get a halt from the non-stop emotions.

-Treat yourself: At such times more than you no one else can understand what you are going through. You may not exactly know what things will make you happy but you can surely go back, trace your history with periods and take action accordingly. Go take a hot shower (hot water bag also helps), watch your favourite movie, and order your favourite dessert, sleep as much as you feel like, read a novel or whatever. 

- Vent your emotions: You may be flooded with varied emotions throughout the day. Keeping them intact will only add to the existing problem. Go to your room and remove your frustration or cry out loud. This can be a good way of relaxing yourself.

Spend some time with loved ones: You can spend some quality time with your pet, provided you have! Chilling out with kids can also be the best stress buster. Fix up a plan and chit-chat with your buddies. If no one's around, well then keep a hot water bottle by your side and just doze off!

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