Bad boss – the main reason workers quit

Melbourne: If you’re a bad boss, don’t be shocked to hear ‘I Quit’ from employees more often.

A global research organization, Gallup, has found that caliber of the boss is the primary reason people stayed in the organization but also the main reason people left.

Workplace management expert Tony Wilson also believes that bosses should look at themselves when staff resigns, referring to a research from Indiana University, which found that a worker``s relationship with their boss was nearly as important as their relationship with their spouse.

Wilson, who wrote Jack and the Team that Couldn``t See, claims most managers spend too much time on operations, systems, strategy, products and services rather than people.

"While these are important pieces in the performance puzzle, they spend relatively little time developing their people,” quoted him as saying.

He further mentioned that important areas bosses need to concentrate on were providing clarity on their expectations of staff, constant feedback and open and honest communication.

"Every day this aspect of leadership becomes more crucial, yet time and time again I see managers who cannot relate to their staff or whose irregular moods bring everyone down. A manager must develop trust and respect through their treatment of people," Wilson concludes.


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