Bad boy hairdos - Not allowed!

Melbourne: Heading to a Sydney nightclub? Well, here’s a piece of information: some of the clubs in the city are turning away people with certain hairstyles or bad attitudes.

Darling Harbour`s Home nightclub and Pontoon Bar put up posters outside their premises on weekends advising of the "no attitude" policy and ban on those with "rat`s tails" and "step haircuts".

"Everyone`s welcome, but if you come to the door and you`ve got a bad attitude, you`re not allowed in. And we find that those with bad attitudes tend to have those types of haircuts," the Herald Sun quoted Nightclub promoter Milos Rsovac as telling to a news daily.

He said the ban on those sporting such hairstyles was a bid to stop violence.

"Our major concern is about the patrons. If you want them to come back every week, you`ve got to make them feel safe," Rsovac added.

Citing the event, NRL player Matt Cooper, who favoured a rat`s-tail hairstyle for several years, said he was never denied access to a club or bar during that time and was never confronted in any different way in a social situation for having a rat`s tail.

"If tackling alcohol-related violence was as simple as banning people with bad haircuts, I`m sure it would be happening in more nightclubs. Unfortunately, it isn`t someone`s hairstyle, but more often alcohol that causes people to become aggressive and get into fights,” said NSW Police Association president, Scott Weber.

People will also be restricted entry in the two venues if they are wearing singlets, cut-off shirts, or shorts of above-the-knee length.


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