Barbara Walters slams `celeb filled` White House Correspondents` Dinner

New York: Barbara Walters has followed in the footsteps of fellow TV journalist Tom Brokaw, and has criticised the annual star-filled White House Correspondents` Dinner.

The 83-year-old broadcast journalist didn`t show up to Saturday`s gathering, explaining that the event "has changed" due to the invitation of celebrity guests, the New York Post reported.

"It`s why some of us didn`t go this year, because it`s got movie stars," the New York Post quoted her as saying on `The View.`

She said that people used to see other members of the administration, other politicians, but it has become more and more about the celebs at the table.

The TV personality said that the dinner used to be a wonderful opportunity to meet all different people in Washington, but when it gets to be about movie stars, it becomes a little different.
The dinner has been a tradition since 1920 for journalists who cover the White House and the President.

This year`s event, hosted by Conan O`Brien, was attended by celebs like Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara, Barbra Streisand, Bradley Cooper, Ian McKellen and Gayle King.