Barrymore was a coffee shop waitress

London: Drew Barrymore used to work in a coffee shop, despite rising to fame aged six with the movie `ET the Extra-Terrestrial`.

The actress admits she had a host of normal jobs when she was a child and used her movie knowledge to her advantage after failing as a waitress, reports

"I`ve been acting since I was 11-months old but I have had normal jobs too. I worked at a coffee house and I was terrible. And I mean, really terrible. My boss just hated me. I could see the resentment in his eyes every day. I was 14," she said.

After giving up on the cafe job, Barrymore tried her hand in a retail store selling music and films.

The 35-year-old actress loved her time there because she was able to talk about her industry all day long.

"I also worked at a Music Plus store. I rocked at that job because I love movies and so anyone would come in and have just a vague idea of anything and I was like `I got it! I`m on it!` I loved that job," she said.



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