Batman named ‘fittest’ superhero of all time

New York: Batman may not be able to leap over a building in a single bound or sling webs, or fly, but he is the “fittest” superhero of all-time, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by Gold’s Gym, revealed that the Dark Knight’s muscular, powerful physique is the fittest, beating the likes of the fellow summer blockbuster hero Spider-Man.

“Though they all have very different body types, they are great examples of what it means to be fit, proving that fitness isn’t limited to one specific body type,” the New York Post quoted Dave Reisemen, Vice President of Communications for Gold’s Gym, as saying.

“Our fans have spoken, and believe that in this particular fitness face-off, the strength and weight of Batman would overtake the nimbleness and agility of Spiderman,” he said.

With over 23,000 votes tallied, Bruce Wayne finished with 41 percent of the votes, easily besting Peter Parker, whose lean, agile Spider-Man finished second with 17 percent of the vote.

Superman, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Wonder Woman and fellow ‘Dark Knight Rises’ character Catwoman were also part of the survey.