Bean Talks: Know your coffee well

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2014, 16:35 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Bean talks, the coffee appreciation event aims to be the first of its kind, where participants not only enjoyed the flavor of beans, but also acquired first hand knowledge on different types of coffee.

Conceptualized by Maneesh Srivastva, Mystic Foodie Mantra along with Ruby Singh, ThnkMkt, Bean talks was specially designed to enable guests to experience a good cup of coffee with a greater delight.

Coffee expert Teena Khanna, shared her learning experience on `History of Coffee`, coffee beans, types of coffee, understanding Espresso and Espresso tasting.

Towards the culmination of the big night, everyone present were served 4 varieties of espresso and were asked to fill tasting cards.

It was an interactive session and each participant enthusiastically wrote on the taste, smell and flavor of each espresso. After the event, everyone gorged on the specially designed menu by Chef Ashish of Terminus 1.

Teena Khanna, has spent more than 7 years in the coffee industry and has been trained in London and Italy. She is a certified coffee taster and was the ideal choice for event, said Maneesh of Mystic Foodie

Coffee tasting is about tantalizing your taste buds and experience flavor’s, says coffee expert Teena Khanna.

Terminus 1, accepts that coffee now has become an important beverage with the Indian consumers.