Beauty can be burden in man`s world

London: Researchers have found that women feel discriminated against when they apply for jobs like finance director, engineer or construction supervisor that are male dominated.

Women face issues while applying for jobs perceived as "masculine" such as research and development manager, finance director, engineer or construction supervisor, reports

A study by the University of Colorado - Denver business school found that if a woman is attractive, it is seen as a disadvantage for such job profiles.

Assistant professor Stefanie Johnson said it`s known as the "beauty is beastly" effect.

Study participants were given a list of jobs and photos of applicants and told to sort them according to suitability for the job.

Attractive women were overlooked for jobs that the participants considered masculine and instead tended to be sorted into positions such as receptionist or secretary.

"Attractive people still enjoy a significant edge in other jobs earning higher salaries and better work evaluations," said Johnson.