Beckham`s kids love tipsy mom

London: Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham`s children love it when she gets tipsy.

Her boys - Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz - like it when she gets drunk after a couple of glasses of wine in the evening as she then lets them have the rare treat of sleeping with her and their father - ace footballer David Beckham - in the same room, reports a website.

"They cuddle up like little peas in a pod, but only on a non-school night," said Victoria, and hubby David added: "Or when mummy`s had a glass of wine."

Perhaps the boys get countless sleepovers in their parents` bedroom when the Beckhams visit their own vineyard in Napa Valley, California.

The boys earn their pocket money there, too, as they help make the plonk by stamping on the grapes.

But it`s not without its dangers as Victoria explained: "Last year the boys put on beekeepers` outfits to gather honey. Brooklyn still got stung."

The boys do good when they are in wine-making mode.

"We produce 900 bottles a year which we give to friends and family," she said.

The couple also has a daughter named Harper Seven, who was born last year.