Becks slammed by population experts for 4th child

London: David and Victoria Beckham, who proudly welcomed their fourth child Harper Seven last week, have come under attack from population experts for being bad role models for families.

As the world`s population is due to hit seven billion at some point in the next few days, there is an increasing call for the UK to open a public debate about how many children people have, reports the Daily Mail.

Now the Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has joined other leading environmentalists in breaking what TV zoologist Sir David Attenborough has called the ‘absurd taboo’ in discussing family size in the UK.

“We live as if we have three planets instead of just one. It is interesting that public figures, environmental groups and NGOs in general have tended to steer away from population to the extent that it`s become a taboo issue,” Lucas said.

Chief executive of UK-based Optimum Population Trust Simon Ross said, “The Beckhams, and others like London mayor Boris Johnson, are very bad role models with their large families. There`s no point in people trying to reduce their carbon emissions and then increasing them 100 percent by having another child.

"England is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and the fastest-growing in population terms in Europe. In 15 years we`ll have an extra 10 million people here,” he added.


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