Being nominated for Emmy is terrifying for Claire Danes

Los Angeles: `The Homeland` star Claire Danes, who is up for an Emmy trophy, says the nomination is like a nightmare come to life.

The 34-year-old fomer Emmy winner is fond of the ceremony and the celebration of talent but finds it difficult to cope with the nervousness that comes while the winner is up on the stage, reported People magazine.

"If you lose, you have to cope with that sting, and if you win, you have to get up and say something eloquent and charming, and remember to thank your husband or your wife," Danes said.

"It`s always the vital person you forget to thank. It`s terrifying. And then you see the clock ticking. It`s awful, that particular part of it."

But once those dreaded few minutes are over, Danes said "the actual ceremony and the celebrations and seeing everyone in their beautiful clothes is actually really great."