Ben Affleck is competitive parent: Jennifer Garner

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Garner feels that her actor-director husband Ben Affleck is competitive when it comes to kid`s basket ball games.

Garner, 41, who has three children with Affleck, said he freaks out when he attends daughter Violet`s basketball games, reported a magazine.

"I clap for everyone who makes a shot on either team because I feel like, good shot, great job. Meanwhile, he`s freaking out and I`m constantly like, `stop it!`

"You know, he?ll be saying, `she`s open! Do you see she`s open?!` It`s like, `Ben, they`re eight. You`re yelling at an 8-year-old little girl. She will see that Violet is open and she will get the ball to her when it`s appropriate`," she said.
Garner is currently shooting her new football movie `Draft Day` while Affleck will soon begin filming `Batman`.