Benefits of Rudraksha mala in Hindu religion

Benefits of Rudraksha mala in Hindu religion
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Traditionally hailed as a holy bead used for the purpose of prayer and worship – Rudraksha bead holds reverence in the Hindu religion. It also has a connection with the Rishi munis in India and is believed to possess spiritual powers.

Rudraksha is deeply associated with Lord Shiva and therefore, the mere attachment of the bead to a person's body can bring immense luck and health.

Here's a few lesser known benefits of wearing Rudraksha:

- Helps in freeing body from all kinds of illness and diseases.

- Long use of it or worshiping will bring about good health, prosperity, financial success, good luck.

- Even scientifically, Rudraksha beads have great electromagnetic powers to heal body.

- Helps in maintaining the energy around you no matter where you are.

- Also helps in reducing ailments arising from mental disturbance – like stress, insomnia.

- Increases memory and concentration.

- Different varieties of Rudraksha beads have different varieties of benefits. Each one is specifically assigned for benefits.

- Gaurishankar Rudraksha helps in reconciliation between husbands and wives and brings other familial peace. 

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