Berlusconi laments missing out dinner with 1,000 women

Updated: May 05, 2011, 15:19 PM IST

London: Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, embroiled in several sex scandals, seems to have kept his sense of humour unaffected, telling a group of 1,000 women -- "What a disaster I`m not with you."

The 74-year-old Prime Minister -- on trial for sex offences with a teenage prostitute -- reeled off jokes as he addressed the women`s political rally by phone, British tabloid `The Sun` reported.

One gag referred to Berlusconi`s infamous "bunga bunga" sex parties -- and ended with the billionaire media tycoon calling himself "an ageless legend" in the punchline.

He repeated another joke for the fourth time, but still raised a laugh by saying, "Thirty per cent of women would like to have sex with Berlusconi -- the other 70 per cent replied `Again?`"

Berlusconi was speaking at a rally for Letizia Moratti running for mayor of Milan with his People of Freedom party.

The PM told the women: "Mamma mia! What a shame I am so far away, what a disaster that I am not with you. A dinner with 1,000 women -- you can`t miss something like that."

Berlusconi faces four separate trials, accused of fraud, tax evasion, corruption, abuse of power and paying a 17-year-old belly dancer for sex. He denies all the charges and claims he is victim of a "left-wing conspiracy".