Beyonce Knowles tried bungee jumping

Wellington: Singer Beyonce Knowles recently enjoyed two bungee jumping sessions in Auckland just before her concert here.

Knowles jumped off the Sky Tower twice in Auckland just hours before performing here Oct 18.

Everything was done in a hush-hush manner to avoid gathering of large crowds, reports

"She got changed into the bungee clothes out the back somewhere and was taken straight up in a service elevator," said a source.

"It was difficult to see her when she came down because she had so many bodyguards with her," the source added.

Her fun activity went almost unnoticed.

"It was all over very quickly and bosses kept it quiet from everyone because they didn`t want word getting out and risk huge crowds turning up to watch," said a source.

"She did the whole thing virtually unnoticed," the source added.

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