Bikers vroom to create awareness about women’s safety

Zee Media Bureau/ Gayatri Sankar

Mumbai: Post the gang-rape of a paramedical student in Delhi on the ill-fated night of December 16, 2012, women across the nation believed that the National Capital Region isn’t safe for women.

A sense of fear lingers in the minds of women across all age-groups because of rise in the cases of crime against the fairer sex.

In order to rid women of this fear and change the reputation NCR has earned for itself, a group of bikers came out in support of women by campaigning for women’s safety.

Organised by Blitzkrieg Riding Club, the campaign had men sporting T-Shirts with messages that read, “Ride for Rape Free Culture”, “Change Your Thinking Not Her Clothes”, etc.

The organisers also intend to change the perception about bikers, who are otherwise believed to be rash, negligent and careless.

“Bikers are believed to be insensitive, over-adventurous and care-free. But that’s not the case. Riding is fun but creating awareness about such a noble social cause is a good way of reaching out to people and telling them we care," said Rohan Sethi, a participant.

A group of 25 men with women as pillion riders took to the streets to campaign for women’s safety and helping them claim their freedom.

The group plans to campaign in Gurgaon and Delhi and even across other cities in future.

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