Bikini coffee shop sparks boycott in Colorado

Colorado: A suburban Denver city councilwoman is urging people to boycott businesses near a coffee shop that sends bikini-clad women onto nearby city streets to advertise.

Council woman Molly Markert sent a letter of complaint, signed by about 30 Aurora residents, to the manager of the property where Perky Cups operates.

Markert suggested in the May 20 letter that the women promoting the coffee shop were in danger of being "raped and murdered." She wrote that the petition signers have pledged to not buy anything at the shopping center until the women stop advertising in the streets.

Perky Cups owner Jason Bernal says his 10 employees aren`t at risk and that Markert`s letter went overboard.

Nearby storeowners are divided on whether the bikini-clad coffee saleswomen are helping or hurting business.

Bureau Report


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