Bill Murray surprises ice-cream maker fan with visit

Los Angeles: Bill Murray has a knack for making his fans happy by turning up to surprise them and his latest generosity helped an ice-cream maker meet his idol.

When Joe Nicchi, who owns an ice-cream truck, heard that Murrey was shooting `Rock the Kasbah` in the neighbourhood, he decided to try his luck.

Nicchi parked his truck near the shooting place and announced that he was hosting a `Bill Murray Ice Cream Social` and would serve free ice-cream. To his surprise, Nicchi ended up serving a cone to the `Lost In Translation` star, reportedly.

"Word got out, people from the crew and the neighborhood were wandering over and eventually (Murray) came by. He asked me what I recommended and I said a (chocolate and vanilla) twist with sea salt," Nicchi said.

"He was so complimentary, he even tried to pay me but I refused to take money from him. I said, `I just wanted to meet you, you`re my inspiration` and he was so receptive and so nice," Nicchi says.

Murray, 63, is famous for randomly crashing strangers` parties to the delight of his fans.

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