Birthday month? Celebrate SOLO with these unique ideas

Unique Birthday ideas!

Birthday month? Celebrate SOLO with these unique ideas
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New Delhi: Birthdays are meant to be a lavish, group affair. Well, that's what we often tend to think. However, birthdays need not always be a pompous affair minus the true essence of the special day. If you are alone and clueless about how to spend the special day alone, we have a list of to-do for you. Also, if you want to do something different this birthday, you will find these ideas useful.

Take a look.

Watch a movie alone:

Watching movie alone could be one of the saddest things, we know. Especially if it is in a theater. However, this birthday, if you are alone – make sure to watch that film alone and enjoy this new kind of freedom. Don't forget to keep some popcorn handy.

Meditation and spiritual awakening:

Ditch the obvious and spend the day by doing some spiritual healing. On a day to day basis, we often ignore the fact that our mind needs rest and of course, it needs a special kind of nourishment which can only be achieved by spiritual pursuit. Do some meditation and listen to some healing music!

Pamper yourself:

Head to a parlour and spend the day at the spa, body massage center or simple pedicure or manicure. Yes, those things may be very common to you but doing it on a special day as birthday will motivate you to live life to the fullest and find happiness even in the smallest of things!

Solo vacation:

This should top the list. Yes, solo vacations can be really enriching and enlightening. Not to mention the fun side! Embark on a solo travel and do and eat stuff that you want. Although in the beginning, it may seem like a boring task, you will get used to it soon and rather enjoy it.

Go shopping, like a boss:

How can you forget that it's your birthday and you should gift yourself with a nice present? Well, head to the best shop in your city and buy the gift that you would like to give yourself. It's funny, but it helps!


Instead of wasting money in celebrations and lavish meals – you can spare some bucks for the poor and needy. It doesn't need a special day to do something special for the downtrodden ones. Also, think it this way- your birthday should bring a smile on person's face. Won't that be a special thing to do?


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