Blame the boss for employees’ ‘fake’ sick leaves!

Melbourne: It is not only ill health that compels employees to take a day off, but their bosses also, a new study has revealed.

The study revealed that workers who rated their manager as ‘good’ were more likely to feel bad about taking a day off than those with ‘poor’ managers.

Almost a quarter of those who rated their manager ‘poorly’ said they had taken a day off because they hated their boss as compared to just 4 per cent with ‘good’ bosses.

The overall study revealed that there were around two thirds of Australian workers who admitted to taking fake sick days off.

The underlying reasons behind taking fake sick leave according to research by global recruiters SHL were: burn-out from long work hours and work pressures (33 per cent); family problems (27 per cent); wanting to do “other things” (12 per cent); and boredom (9 per cent), reported.

Four per cent also blamed the weather saying that they could not stand the commute under those conditions.

According to SHL’s national director Stephanie Christopher, there had been a rise in companies hiring under-skilled managers and this was having an effect on satisfaction in the workplace.


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