Blondes earn more than brunettes

Updated: Dec 29, 2010, 09:32 AM IST

London: Blonde women make more bucks than brunettes or redheads, reveals a new study.

They earn an average of 564 pounds more a year than women with dark hair and 823 pounds more than those with ginger tresses.

And whether the colour is natural or from a bottle doesn’t make a difference.

The average blonde earns 23,150 pounds a year, versus 22,586 pounds for brunettes and 22,327 pounds for redheads.

Despite this, more than half of blondes claim their firm "does not take them seriously" - even though golden-haired Stella English, 31, won BBC1``s The Apprentice this month.

Meanwhile, dark-haired women are the most likely to work late, according to the study of 3,000 women by chain Superdrug.

"Over a lifetime, earning 600 pounds more a year can really add up, so blondes are having the last laugh," the Sun quoted Simon Comins of Toiletries as saying.