Bollywood celebrities promote festival on short films in Mumbai

Mumbai: Bollywood celebrities came together over the weekend here to promote short films and encourage budding filmmakers in this field.

The aim was to hold one of the biggest short film festivals and give a push to new talent in Indian cinema.

The short-film festival started with sharing of experience and workshop on filmmaking, conducted by Bollywood director Anand L Rai and actress Sonam Kapoor.

Rai said he had always liked the short films, but never got a chance to make one.

"The length (of the film) has nothing to do with the feelings. It`s like a complete one emotion, whether you give it in 15 minutes or two hours. So, I am privileged (that) I am (a) part of this. I have never made a short film, but in near future I will also try a short film," said Rai.

Kapoor said short films could bring the best out of a filmmaker and actors as well. She added that she would love to try something new every time and play different roles in Bollywood movies.

"I feel in short films, when there is a shorter span of time to do something; you actually give your heart and soul to it. And I think you can say so much in a short period of time and I think that`s more poetic than actually dragging something out, you know," said Kapoor.

The event was followed with screening of the best short films, including Oscar nominees, India`s best comedies, romances and horror movies.

The organizers of the festival had invited short-film entries from students and had scheduled to culminate the event in a grand two day show of the films at a reputed multiplex in Mumbai.