Bollywood, cricket stars join hands for Gillette`s `Role Model` initiative

New Delhi: Gillette, the men`s personal care brand from Proctor and Gamble, saluted the father-son relationship through its global campaign `Because you are my role model` by bringing together the largest gathering of dad-son duos to shave together and reminisce about their first shave stories.

In an attempt to set a new record, celebrity dad-son duos like - R. Ashwin and Arbaaz Khan along with their fathers N. Ravichandran and Salim Khan also shaved on stage along with 40 other dads and sons to highlight the importance of having a clean shaven look.

"My father has definitely been very inspirational and a kind of role model for me and I kind of emmulate him in every possible way, and try to walk along in his footsteps. There are so many things that I imbibe from him and learn from him. I wish some of the qualities he has, I have and I can pass them on to my son," said Arbaaz

The initiative was kick started by Brand Ambassador Rahul Dravid who shared his experience of watching his father shave as a kid, and wanting to be a grown up.

"I think it`s a great initiative, I think all of us have that memory of growing up and watching our fathers shave. And sought of sneaking in and watching him shave, especially me and my brother use to watch him shave everyday and just sought of wondering you know that when would we grow up and when would we get a chance to shave? Almost seem like a sought of right a passage. I am grown up man now; I can actually use my father`s razor and shave."

Because You Are a Role Model` initiative by Gillette, reinforces the role of the brand that has promised and strived to deliver the best for 800 million men every day for over a 100 years.

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