Boredom actually leads to creativity!

London: A new book has claimed that boredom can actually have surprising benefits.

Peter Toohey argues in his book, Boredom: A Lively History, that boredom “exists to help you prosper.”

“Boredom is linked with having ideas, it gives us space to daydream and dream up new ways of going about a problem,” the Daily Mail quoted Toohey as saying.

“It is not something we should be afraid of, it’s something we should listen to,” he said.

He says many of the great Eureka moments of scientific and artistic inspiration are born of boredom, citing Samuel Johnson and Andy Warhol as two famous figures who used chronic boredom to fuel their writing and art.

Adrian Savage, author and editor of life coaching website, agrees.

He says many people think, “being bored is a major sin”— something to eradicate completely from life — but that nothing could be further from the truth.

“Being bored turns your mind inward and encourages reflection,” he stated.

“Boredom is nearly always essential to creativity. Boredom stimulates the search for better ways to think like nothing else does,” he added.


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