Borrowing these 5 things can bring bad luck

5 things that one should never borrow to avoid bad luck.  

Updated: Jul 17, 2016, 17:21 PM IST
Borrowing these 5 things can bring bad luck
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New Delhi: It is said that you should never borrow anything from someone else, as it carries their energy. Now, it could be positive or negative. Hence, they leave a huge impact in your life.

Here, we bring you a list of six things that are strictly forbidden to lend:


Wearing other's clothes may lead you to either good luck or bad luck. It also depends on the person from whom you are borrowing as their clothes carry their aura which could bring positive as well as negative vibes.


One must have heard that money spoils relations. Thus, keeping an eye on other's money can actually bring you hard luck as one tends to become greedy in that scenario.


It's said that borrowing pen brings financial unsuitability. Thus, try to return others pen as early as you can.


Borrowing watch can bring you a bad time. Especially if that person himself is going through hard times, then you may end up in a scenario of landing up the same case.


Never borrow anybody's bed as it might spoil your relation with your partner. Especially, if the previous owner has had a bitter past.