Boys to create world record dressed as Mahatma Gandhi

Kolkata: Underprivileged boys tried to create a world record here on Sunday as they dressed themselves as Mahatma Gandhi, a day ahead of his 64th death anniversary.

"Observers from the Guinness Book of World Records have confirmed that they will be present to monitor and evaluate the record of having the highest number of children in the world dressed as Gandhi," Michael Anthony of UK-based NGO Tracks, which is organising the event, told reporters here

Around 450 boys dressed in khadi and Gandhi caps, walked half a kilometer from Mayo Road to Gandhi statue`s in central Kolkata in a `peace march`.

"Most of these underprivileged kids are from single mothers, who cannot afford proper food or education for their children," said Anthony who keeps visiting Kolkata to work for the uplift of destitute children.

The activist said the peace march would help inculcate Gandhi`s values among poor children.