Brad Pitt`s charity houses begin to rot

PTI| Last Updated: Jan 02, 2014, 15:21 PM IST

Los Angeles: Over two dozen houses which were built by Hollywood star Brad Pitt`s charity for the victims of 2005 Hurricane Katrina have started to rot from the inside out.

While the blame-game is on between the Pitt`s charity `Make It Right New Orleans` and the house building company, the owners of the houses, which are situated at the Ninth Ward in New Orleans, are worried about the deteriorating condition of their homes, reported Radar Online.

"The wood turned gray and it was also black," a homeowner, who has been living in the house for four years, said.

"Also some parts it was buckling and it had mushrooms growing out of it. Different neighbourhoods saw it too."

A representative for the charity has responded to the complaint and held the company responsible, which provided a plumber for the house that sits on a moist land.

"It was unable to withstand moisture, which is obviously a big problem in New Orleans," Make It Right`s Taylor Royle explained to the New Orleans Advocate.

Pitt`s camp reportedly is considering legal action against the company.

Hurricane Katrina in US was the deadliest cyclone of 2005 which hit several parts of the country including New Orleans which witnessed the most number of deaths and 80 per cent of the city being flooded at that time.

While the rotting wood in few houses has been replaced with yellow pine, others are still waiting for their turn.