Brad Pitt set up haven for Angelina Jolie`s recovery

Washington: Brad Pitt has opened up about fiancee Angelina Jolie`s double mastectomy surgery, revealing that he, along with his six kids, have set up a haven for her recovery after the operation.

He admitted that he has done what he could have to make sure that her return from the hospital was as pleasant as possible and the couple`s six kids helped him a lot, Contactmusic reported.

The 49-year-old actor said that setting up their own little post-op recovery was fun and they made an adventure out of it.

Pitt, in a statement on Tuesday morning, said that his partner`s actions were `heroic`.

Further talking about Jolie`s double mastectomy, he told USA Today, that he is quite emotional about it.

The `Fight Club` star further said that she could have stayed absolutely private about it but it was really important for her to share the story so that others would understand it is not a scary thing.

He added that this can be an empowering thing, and something that makes everyone stronger.

Pitt told the publication that he was amazed with his wife-to-be as she kept all her commitments along with her post-op recovery.

Jolie had publicly announced on Tuesday through an article in the New York Times, that she underwent a preventative surgery in February to reduce the risk of breast cancer.