Brains determine how people react to mistakes

Washington: People who think they can learn from their mistakes have a different brain reaction to mistakes than people who think they can’t get smarter, according to a new study.

“One big difference between people who think intelligence is malleable and those who think intelligence is fixed is how they respond to mistakes,” said Jason S. Moser, of Michigan State University.

In their study, people who think they can learn from their mistakes did better after making a mistake – in other words, they successfully bounced back after an error.

Their brains also reacted differently, producing a bigger second signal for those who said, “I see that I’ve made a mistake, so I should pay more attention,” according to Moser.

He said these people have brains that are tuned to pay more attention to mistakes.

This research could help in training people to believe that they can work harder and learn more, by showing how their brain is reacting to mistakes.


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