Break-up blues: 10 simple ways to move on after break-up, for girls only!

Break-up blues: 10 simple ways to move on after break-up, for girls only!

Heartbreak could be shattering. And when it involves a romantic partner, do we need to say that it is all the more depressing? Although a lot has been written and spoken about how to move on with your ex-lover from a man's perspective, only a little of it has been talked about from a woman's viewpoint.

So, if you have just had a break-up, and are looking out for ways to move on – you can follow these simple guidelines.

Don't obsess over it:

It's over and always look forward to finding out means of moving on. Do not latch on to the relationship, or the person and move on.

Get rid of the tangible memories:

You have those teddies and tops that were gifted by him? Well get rid of them now. If it's a favourite pair of shoes, a purse or even a pen – keep them at bay and this will help you move on.

Listen to inspiring break-up songs:

There are not just songs about finding love on this planet, you can also find plenty of songs on heart-break, break-up, cheating and moving on. These songs will not only make you strong but restore your faith in love and make you overcome with the idea that love is always futile – because it is not.

Find time for friends:

Friends being the perennial source of energy and courage – make sure that you spend plenty of time with your friends – of either gender. Remember that the more you hang out, the easier it is to forget him.

Go on a vacation:

Take a lone trip – this will open up your perspective and make you realize that the world is vast and beautiful. Make new friends, meet new people and explore – self-discovery is the best thing to do when in depression.


Meditation is the smoothest way of easing your mental woes. If you haven't practiced meditation and yoga before, fret not, for there are plenty of information on the Youtube about it and you can also join spiritual healing classes nearby.

Go shopping:

Yes, we know girls love shopping. By saying go shopping, it doesn't mean go splurging like a millionaire – however, spending on your favourite merchandise and indulge in good food will make you feel fresh and give you a purpose in life.

Share with a close friend, TALK:

Sharing your pain is the biggest way of letting your heart be relieved of break-up blues. Find a good friend to confide in and the more you talk, the closer you get to the final goal of removing your ex from your mind. If you're lucky, a good friend will also give you the best solutions.

Watch movies:

The list of heart-break movies is never ending. Find it online and make sure to watch as many of them as possible. You would see that heart-break is common in a relationship and it's okay.

Focus on other work, relationships:

Remember that the world is not all about your boyfriend. You have so many people to look forward to in life, for instance your family and your friends. Instead of going into solitude, always keep in mind that you have so many relationships to take care of. Also, keep your focus intact on your professional sphere.



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