Brett Lee`s `Mewsic Bus` hits the road in Delhi

New Delhi: Children of North West Delhi slums will benefit from the launch of a new `Mewsicand Education Bus` today, thanks to the efforts of Australian fast bowler-turned philanthropist, Brett Lee and his Mewsic India Foundation.

The bus is a roaming learning center that visits marginalized children on a daily basis to teach them informal education, and engage the childrenthrough the power of music - with the aim of getting them enrolled in school.

Implemented in partnership with Deepalaya, the largest Education NGO in Delhi, with support from Educan Foundation, the program actively advances education - making learning `fun` through the integration of music in the classroom.

"These kids have never been to school before so the Bus gives them their first taste of that. We try to make learning fun by integratingmusicto engage and enticethem on a daily basis," Lee said.

"They enjoy so much, they often don`t even know they are learning," he added.

The Mewsic and Education Bus will operate six days per week and will give daily classes of two hours duration to children - acting as a bridge to get them into formal schooling.

It has five key thrust areas - with all learning reinforced by musical songs, games, activities and tuitions: (1) Remedial education with a focus on literacy and numeracy (2) Mainstreaming children to formal school (3) Health Education and Life Skills (4) Latent Talent-Music (5) Art, Dance

"Music is a powerful tool for development and can play a wonderful role in enhancing the education of children." Said Brett Lee. "With rote learning being so widespread across India, we are trying to integrate creative learning in the classroom to stimulate the children`s minds so they can engage, concentrate and participate more," he said.

Fully fit out and equipped with musical instruments, an education and music curriculum, and education and music tutors, the bus is a roaming learning centre that visits the marginalized slum communities of SaraiPipalThala, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Haiderpur Village and Bhalswa J.J cluster.

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