Brit motorists don’t know how to open a car bonnet

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2011, 13:50 PM IST

London: A staggering four million British motorists are so daft they do not even know how to open the bonnet of their vehicle, according to a new study.

The national study by Oil Company Castrol found that modern day drivers take such little interest in car maintenance that 17 per cent of women and six per cent of men are clueless when it comes to lifting their bonnet.

Today’s motorists are far more concerned with the way their vehicle looks than how it runs, according to the research, reports the Daily Mail.

As a result, 2.6 million have never had their car serviced and only one in eight could check their tyres, top-up their water and oil or change bulbs themselves.

One in seven admit putting the lives of other road users at risk by getting behind the wheel knowing their headlights, brakes or indicators do not work.

Motorists are more likely to know how much it costs to ``pimp`` their vehicle with new alloys and spoiler than how much it costs to have it serviced at a garage.

And they are likely to know more about the latest in-car gadgets, such as satellite navigation systems and stereos, than they do about the car itself.

A remarkable 67 per cent say it is important that their car looks good but just 13 per cent take the time to keep their engine ticking over nicely.