Brit police chiefs warn officers not to wear racy underwear

London: Officers in Britain have been warned by their bosses not to wear brightly coloured bras and sexy knickers.

Bosses at West Midlands Police have issued an order telling its cops their smalls must be an "appropriate colour" and "inconspicuous" beneath their uniform.

The strict guidance was issued as part of a revised uniform policy to present a "professional and corporate appearance" to the public.

"There is no new force policy on underwear, but all officers and staff who come into contact with the public are asked to adopt a common sense approach when choosing what underwear is worn when on duty, so they remain smart," the Sun quoted a spokesman for West Midlands Police as saying.

But the order has not been met with favour, with officers in the force accusing their superiors of "nannying" and they also slammed the warning as "outrageous".

"It is ridiculous. They are basically telling us what underwear to wear to work. A couple of sergeants have jokingly been saying there would be spot checks. It is outrageous," an experienced PC said.

Another officer added: "Any chance they could run a piece on tying shoelaces or how to use toilet paper?"

Guidelines also warn officers to wear their protective stab vests at all times when patrolling their beat, which includes Birmingham, Coventry, Solihull and Wolverhampton.

"We are not a scouting organisation made up of young children who need nannying," a sergeant from the force told Police Review magazine.

"As we are all adults, personal pride should drive folks to maintain that professional appearance by shaving before going on duty, having clean boots and tidy uniform," the sergeant added.

Assistant chief constable Sharon Rowe said: "All supervisors, at whatever level they are in the organisation, have a clear mandate to challenge inappropriate dress.

"The adoption of standard, corporate, professional uniform and equipment is crucial to how we are viewed by members of the public," she added.