Brit teachers voted worst dressed professionals

London: Teachers are Britain’s worst dressed professionals while estate agents are the best clothed, a new study has found.

According to a study of 2,000 people commissioned by fashion retailer High and Mighty, far from being top of their class, teachers must try harder to impress with their standards of dress in school after half of those surveyed put them at the bottom of the sartorial pile.

Fifty percent of all the Brits polled voted teachers as bottom of the class claiming dirty shirts, threadbare trousers and scuffed shoes as the worst offenders, whereas smooth talking estate agents were revealed as the smartest dressers.

So offended by their children’s teachers lack of pride in their appearance, 11 percent of parents admitted that they had complained to the headmaster of the school.

Teachers themselves admit to letting standards slip with 20 percent admitting to wearing the same shirt for up to three days, whereas 20 percent of super-smart bankers admit to changing their shirt twice a day.

Next in line were the children’s television presenters, thanks to their wacky ensembles while, perhaps unfairly considering they must wear uniforms, postmen and women and binmen came in next lowest, with builders, and their notorious bottoms, coming in with 11 percent of the vote.

“There are certain professions in which the public expect high levels of smartness and teaching, it seems, is one of those professions,” the Daily Mail quoted Gill Politis from High and Mighty as saying.

The best dressed were:

Estate agents – 42 percent

Legal professionals – 39% percent

Bankers – 32 percent

News readers – 21 percent

Flight attendants – 15 percent

The worst dressed were:

Teachers – 50 percent

Kids TV presenters – 32 percent

Postmen/women – 25 percent

Bin men – 18 percent

Builders – 11 percent


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