Britain becoming a lonely place

London: Britain is fast becoming an increasingly lonely place for many people, says a new research.

Due to the demands of modern life, Britons are often unable to see family members on a regular basis, says the study by Opinium Research. Many people who move to other places for work are finding it difficult to make new friends, the Daily Express reported.

Of those who said they felt lonely, the biggest group was under 30 years - 23 percent.

Feelings of loneliness are now affecting people`s health. Many complain of feeling isolated, depressed, anxious and sad.

Mental health experts have now said the younger generation was most at risk.

Working or living in a big city was not helping either, the research said.

"People who feel lonely should not feel uncomfortable talking about it or asking for help," Andrew McCulloch, of the Mental Health Foundation, was quoted as saying.


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