Britain is the world’s booziest nation!

London: A new survey has revealed that Britain is the booziest nation in the world, with more people drinking – and more regularly – than any other country.

Around 84 percent of Britons are drinkers – way ahead of the lowest nation, India, where just 27 percent ever have a tipple – compared with the international average of 71 percent, reports the Daily Mail.

The survey found nearly one in ten Britons admitted to drinking every day, almost twice the number in France.

Around 41 percent of Britons drink regularly, more than our nearest rivals in Australia, 27 percent, and the international average of 17 percent.

The survey also found that around one in three Britons exercise for less than an hour a week, and one in four smoke.

“It’s shocking to see us trailing behind so many other countries when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr Annabel Bentley of Bupa Health and Wellbeing.