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Britain’s happiest people live in Yorkshire

London: A new study, on which people in Britain are the happiest, has found that those hailing from Yorkshire get the most out of life.

According to the study for teeth-whitening brand BlanX, at least 37 percent of people from the area rated their happiness as eight out of 10.

But those living in London are less happy, like Prime Minister David Cameron, 44, who revealed this week he is only a six, while a fifth of those in the capital rated themselves a sad four or less.

The Welsh are Britain’s biggest grinners, with 63 percent sporting a smile most of the time, but only 40 percent of those in the gloomy southwest say they smile regularly.

The study also found that one in 10 Britons living in the city feel down at least once a day, whereas the same number of people in the suburbs feel depressed less than once a year.

Asked what would make them happy, 23 percent said a big lottery win would cheer them up the most, even more than the birth of their children.

When it comes to jobs, secretaries and administration workers are the most cheerful, with 60 percent rating their happiness as a seven.

But money does not buy you happiness at work – a quarter of those in banking, finance and insurance rate their happiness as only three or less.

The study also found that the older we get, the more content we become.

Those in middle age admit to enjoying to life more than youngsters aged 16 to 25. And our happiest time of day is 6pm, when most people are home from work or with friends in the pub.

“Perhaps it should come as no surprise who the happiest person in Britain turns out to be,” the Daily Star quoted psychologist Donna Dawson as saying.

“By the time we’ve reached our 40s, we have experienced life and we know what works and what doesn’t work for us.

“Also, being a secretary or administrator allows us to have a degree of responsibility and social interaction without too much pressure,” she added.


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