British town plans star boulevard

London: Holywell, a town in Britain, plans to set up a ‘star boulevard’ with names of famous locals. But, Hollywood has not taken kindly to the proposal and sent a warning mail.

Holywell councillors were keen lay flagstones in the town centre displaying names of famous locals like actor Jonathan Pryce and footballer Mike England.
A news daily reported Friday that when the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce learnt about the plan, they sent a warning e-mail about breach of copyright.

Rosetta Dolphin, a councillor, said that she initially thought the e-mail was a joke.

"They pointed out that the five-star symbol was under copyright and so was the ¬Hollywood sign.”

"But ours wouldn`t have to be a five-pointed star, it could be anything, it could be a triangle. They wanted to know if we would duplicate any of the names on their boulevard but we do not want to copy them," she was quoted as saying.

"This is to get people coming to the town and bring in something positive. We could expand it to people from the whole of Wales...I would like to know how they got to know about it. I was shocked when we found out."

Dolphin`s husband Chris said the idea struck him when the couple was on holiday in Los Angeles.

He said that he has no idea how the authorities in Hollywood learned of the plans that were discussed at a town council meeting.

"I`m kind of amused by the whole thing. Holywell can only gain from the publicity. We simply want to make the town centre more attractive to shoppers and tourists," he added.