Britons are television addicts!

London: Britons buy nearly twice as many television sets as their continental counterparts, says a report.

The set of choice is now the flat screen of which an astonishing 43 million were sold in Britain between 2004 and 2010, reports

The figure far outstrips the 28 million sold in Germany and 27 million in France, the report added.

And British viewers spend many more hours in front of the box than they realise.

The report says viewers of all ages are embracing modern technology to ensure they never miss a minute of their favourite shows.

The most dedicated TV viewers live in the northeast Britain, where they watch for an average of 34.7 hours a week. Londoners have the lowest weekly viewing time at 27.6 hours.

Taking children and adults into account, the average Briton now sits in front of the TV for about 28 hours a week - this is an increase of three hours on 2001.


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