Brits spent £2.3bn on cosmetic surgery in 2010

London: A new survey has found that British people spent a whopping 2.3 billion pounds on cosmetic surgery last year.

According to the poll of 2,630 adults, one in five of those questioned want to get their teeth whitened after seeing X Factor judge Cheryl Cole``s brightened smile, reports the Sun.

And one in four would consider procedures such as liposuction, boob jobs or face lifts.

However, they don’t want to end up looking like silicon-enhanced Katie Price, according to YouGov who conducted the poll.

Worryingly, 16 per cent respondents said they would go abroad for cut-price surgery.

Meanwhile the death of student Claudia Aderotimi after a botched buttock implant has raised ugly questions about the obsession with beauty.

Claudia, 20, from London, had a heart attack after an illegal op in the US to boost her bottom.